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Metallic Copy Holder


Product code: EDHC200

Metal Document Holder
With this large and stable central copy holder, repetitive head movements are avoided and strain injuries are effectively prevented. A constant reading distance is maintained, which prevents eye strain. Regardless of the type of monitor, your document is placed between you and your monitor. You can adjust the copy holder to a comfortable position with a few simple adjustments. Reduced risk from poor posture and reduced strain on the neck, upper back and shoulders. Prevents neck pain through an optimal ergonomic position. Allows reduction of eye stress by reducing eye movements and re-focusing.

  • Supports large documents
  • Can support heavy documents (book, ring binder)
  • Makes viewing easier
  • Keep documents in place
  • Wide top
  • Stable metal base on the desk
  • Easy angle adjustment
  • Magnetic guide ruler
  • Black
  • Dimensions: 16.6 "/ 42.1 cm x 9.9" / 25.1 cm

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