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Le Sommet Sit-Stand Keyboard Drawer 23 ''


Product code: KT1035

Le Sommet Keyboard Drawer Set for Right or Left Handers
Upgraded version with a brand new mechanism. This adjustable sit / stand keyboard drawer set includes the mechanism, tray and wrist rest. Thanks to this easily height-adjustable set, without any joystick or lever, your keyboard and mouse will always be at the ideal height. Designed for a user working with the mouse to the right of the keyboard. You will thus have a more ergonomic position, limiting physical problems, such as repetitive strain injuries (RSI: Repetitive Stress Injury) or Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD). Allows you to work in a sitting or standing position. Therefore, an essential product for a complete ergonomic workstation.

Composition of this keyboard drawer unit:

Cobra ™ Original Ergonomic Mechanism

Mechanism with a sit / stand design. Whether you're sitting, standing or in between, the stylish Cobra ™ mechanism puts the keyboard and mouse in the perfect user position with its impressive 12½ "(317mm) height adjustment range. Just lift the keyboard. in position and release, no adjustment knobs or levers are required. The Cobra ™ shines with its ability to position the keyboard closer to the edge of your work surface, closer than any other keyboard arm on the market. practical from + 10º to -20º, are done quickly and easily by simply rotating the soft touch wheel.

Mechanism Specifications:
  • Height adjustment to 12 "½ (7" above and 5 "½ below)
  • No lever to adjust the height, just lift to the desired position and release
  • Roulette to adjust positive or negative tilt between + 10 ° to -20 °
  • Rotating 360 °
  • Mechanism 23 "
  • Heavy duty steel construction with durable black finish
  • Separate command to lock tilt + 10 ° / -20 °

Keyboard Tray Specifications:
  • Right Handed Tray 25 ¼ "x 10" 3/4
  • Made of solid ¼ "laminate
  • Almost Indestructible
  • Mouse pad included

Wrist Rest Specifications:
  • Ergosecure Wrist Rest 19 "x 2" 1/2 (48.3 cm x 6.4 cm)
  • Profiled height from: 1/2 "to 7/8" (1.3 cm to 2.2 cm)
  • Covered with lycra
  • Allows a decrease in the static load on the upper limbs and neck

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