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Nous sommes là.

We are here.

Efficiency, durability and service.

Many people wonder the difference between PrintInk and an electronics giant of this world. I just wanted to give you some clues to better understand our positioning.

Our team is available from home at all times. This allows us to respond to you during extended hours over 7 days. I admit, I get a little addicted to my phone and my emails, but I assure you, when I am with family, it becomes my priority.

In addition, the durability of our products stands out. Did you know that many people only trust the big brands of this world. They take the opportunity to sell their products more expensive, but they are not necessarily more efficient. Ours are entirely manufactured in Quebec and often contain twice the content of an original brand cartridge. Did you notice that we only sell XL? They are even, most of the time, cheaper. We are so confident in our products that we provide a 365 day warranty.

Let's not forget to talk about service. Honestly, as I mentioned at the start of this email, I am a tech junkie. It is rare that my team or I will delay responding to you.

By the way, if you have a problem with your devices, I remain available. I am your specialist. It's free!

Alex Mercier-Lemieux
Founder of PrintInk Canada

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