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5 raisons pourquoi vous devriez choisir PrintInk

5 reasons why you should choose PrintInk

Sometimes we ask ourselves: "Why should we choose one company over another?" What's in it for you? ". This is why I wanted to tell you about the advantages of doing business with us.
1. 365 days warranty
And yes , You read correctly ! You have a full year to return or exchange a product if it is defective. Why? Simply because we are confident in the quality of our products .
2. Delivery starting at $ 4.99 with Purolator
With us, there is no need to pay an annual subscription to have fast delivery. In order s to offer you the best possible service, we have succeeded in lowering delivery costs while maintaining a deadline of 1 working days delivery with Purolator. This applies for invoices with $ 25 and more in merchandise.

3. Products and 100% Quebec company
Many online shopping sites do not allow us to know where our products come from. By choosing Print Ink , you are guaranteed to have a product assembled and / or manufactured in Quebec . Our supplier is located near Montreal . Your money will never leave the country.

4. Lowest price in Quebec
At Print Ink , you don't pay for the brand. You pay for the quality of the product at a fair price.

5. 7 days customer service
Because we know you don't like to wait, we offer an email assistance service available 7 days a week to obtain information or simply to obtain help on using a product.

Cynthia Pothier
Communications and Social Networks Manager

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